Directions to Molidami

Picture of Mo-lidami
March 19, 2016 7:51 am

It is our hope that you can make it to Molidami, the open picnic site.

Directions below:

Time: From 10.30am – 5.00pm. Welcome anytime!!!!
Directions: Please drive:

– Drive to Village market and keep going straight to Limuru on Limuru Road
– You will be heading straight up the road, past Ruaka (the turn off to Banana)
– Keep going and you will also pass the turn off to Gachie (on your left)
– Keep going and you will again pass the turnoff to Ndenderu (on your left)
– Keep driving straight up and you will see some houses with bright red roofs on your left (you can’t miss the red roofs)
– You will then see some houses being built with brown roofs
– After the houses with Brown roofs, there is a BATA (15% off) billboard on your left
– Keep going and you will come to a distinct incline/hill right after the BATA sign for BATA
– At the top of the hill you will see a Murram road turn off – which has signs written ONE REDHILL, RED HILL VILLAS, THE RETREAT, Koinoina Education Center, etc.
– Once on the murram road, please follow the signs all the way to St. JULIAN’S CENTER Once you get to St. Julian’s center on your right, keep going and about 100m ahead you will see a well manicured hedge on your left opposite a field
– We are the FIRST TARMAC driveway on your left… after the hedge


Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

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