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Mo-lito Natural Yoghurt Mint Lollies

February 11, 2016 3:30 pm Leave your thoughts

Ingredients Peppermint extract Mo-lito natural yoghurt, Honey Method Mix the peppermint extract, Mo-lito natural yoghurt and the honey in a blender until smooth. Taste to make sure that you have the right amount of ingredients to your liking. Divide the mixture by pouring it in the ice lolly moulds and... View Article

Fruit Kebabs with Mo-lito Yoghurt Dip

February 10, 2016 12:50 pm Leave your thoughts

Ingredients A selection of your choice of fruits, Mo-lito Yoghurt of your choice, Three tablespoons of honey ΒΌ cup of lemon juice. Method Cut the fruits into creative shapes and thread them onto the skewers. Mix the honey, lemon juice and Mo-lito yoghurt in a bowl. Serve the fruit kebabs... View Article