October 13, 2015 12:00 pm

Looking for that one food that is healthy and tasty all at the same time? Well, drum roll please, the yoghurt takes the crown home. More and more people have discovered the health benefits in yoghurt and are going out of their way to ensure they at least enjoy some of it daily. Gone to the supermarkets lately? A large portion of the dairy aisle real estate is dedicated to the different brands and flavors of yoghurt. An excellent source of Vitamin B12, calcium, potassium and proteins, yoghurts are also known to be the natural source of probiotics, which help in maintaining a healthy immune and digestive system.

With so many flavors to choose from in the yoghurt section, it may be a bit confusing but you can go a head and try our different flavors and decide on what your choice may be. Yoghurt, life’s simplest, most pleasing, healthy, creamy, refreshing, most convenient food we have in our markets today. You can enjoy it in your morning cereal, as a healthy snack on its own, use as a dip and/or even use it in your cooking.What’s not to love about the humble yoghurt?

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